All Topics 5–11

How these resources can be used

The resources in this section address a wide range of educational situations and their use is quite flexible. Teachers can therefore select the approach they wish to follow on a particular topic and may choose a different approach on another topic. The following points offer general guidelines on how the different types of resource can best be used.

Explanation of Pictograms


Windows into Buddhism uses stars in order to differentiate materials by levels of understanding and capability. You will see these stars in worksheets and presentations. They can be used to differentiate teaching methods within your class, or to search for materials suited for your class level and age group.

Group formations

The icons with different faces show our suggestions about how any given activity can be done: either as an individual task, in pairs, in small groups, or in the whole class.



As teachers know their groups the best, these are only suggestions to guide you. They are not strict guidelines and we invite you to be creative and use your own judgment in deciding what best suits your students.