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Educational Resources for Teaching Buddhism


A rich range of teaching resources designed for young people.



Rituals and Festivals
What are the main Buddhist festivals? How do Buddhists prepare for these festivals? In this secti...
Basic Goodness
Do you think you are basically good? Why or why not? Remember times when you have been kind and h...
Karma: The Law of Cause and Effect
Depending on good or bad intentions our actions are skilful or unskilful.   Unskilful action...



What would happen if we simply let our minds rest? How would we do that? And what would be the po...
Dependent Arising
How do things come to be? What is my place in this world? The Buddhist teaching of interdependenc...
Five Aggregates
The Five Aggregates describe the five main factors that constitute reality according to Buddhist ...



According to Buddhism, there is no solid, essential self. This understanding plays a very importa...
Enlightenment is the goal of the Buddhist path. In Theravada it is nirvana, the extinguishing of ...
The Refuges
Anyone who wishes to become a Buddhist and follow the Buddhist path participates in what is calle...

Types of Materials

Detailed Subject Knowledge

Background materials to explore topics in-depth

Lesson Activities
and Reflections

Slide presentations, handouts, classroom activities and ideas for reflection

Lived Experience

Cultural practices and personal testimonies from Buddhists


Stories with a message that provides insight into a given topic


Exercises to consolidate knowledge or aid in revision


Webinars are offered on an occasional basis to boost teachers’ subject knowledge, discuss difficult points, and share classroom experience.

Next Webinar

What is karma?

19th October 2023
5pm–7pm, UK time

£25 early bird discount, £30 full price

Karma is a tricky subject to grasp? How does karma continue from life to life if there is no person that continues from life to life? What makes actions good or bad? And is karma a form of fate or destiny?
These are some of the questions we will explore in this two-hour webinar designed for school teachers. It will be interactive with plenty of time for participants to share their own experiences of teaching karma in the classroom.

You can register here.

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Discovering Buddhism 

is a key source of materials on this site.

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I wish I had this book when I was taking religion in college. This is one book that gives Buddhism in its basics and in an understandable manner. I recommend this book.

Reviewer, UK, NetGalley 


Great book. Always had interest in Buddhism and it’s rare to find a book that honours it as a way of life. This book is perfect for learning about the way of life within Buddhism.

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