Windows into

Windows into Buddhism is a new website that brings together a range of freely accessible educational resources on Buddhism, presented in a lively and engaging way. These resources will benefit teachers and students in countries where Buddhism is taught in mainstream schools, and can also serve for teaching children in Buddhist centres.

The site will make resources easily available by topic and age group, and will feature the main Buddhist traditions existing today-Theravada, Zen/Ch'an, Pure Land and Tibetan Buddhism. Resources will draw directly on expertise in each of those traditions.

The project is managed by a core team of content developers headed by Dominique Side who has a Ph.D. in Buddhist philosophy and many years' experience teaching Buddhism in London schools.

Windows into Buddhism is a project of the European Buddhist Union (EBU) and its creation is funded by Khyentse Foundation.

The planned launch date is July 2022. Leave your name and email address below to receive updates about the launch of the website.